Who can join Project Dinah?

PD is open to any students who are interested in sexual and interpersonal violence prevention, regardless of gender, level of personal experience with the issues, etc.

What’s the time commitment like?

Members should attend most of our 1-hour weekly meetings and our events (only a few per semester). The time commitment is very manageable if you want to be involved in other things as well!

What will we do in meetings?

We use our meetings to do lots of different things – brainstorming, event planning, event prep, etc. We will also be having some trainings during our meetings based on the interests of our members. These will be on topics like self-care, how to best support survivors, non-profit work, and more. If you have ideas for meeting discussions or programs, we love to hear those as well!

What if I can’t make the weekly meetings?

If you’re not free Mondays at 7, but still wish to be involved, just let us know! E-mail us at projectdinah@gmail.com, and we’ll be sure to add you to the members listserv. You can still keep up with the minutes and come help us out at events.

Will there be leadership opportunities?

Yes! We hope everyone who is interested in leadership opportunities will run for officer positions. If you are interested in an officer position, we encourage you to take initiative by volunteering to help with extra tasks, etc. You may also volunteer to lead a committee or ask the current officers for other ways you can help out.

Is it Project “Dee-nah” or Project “Di(as in “eye”)-nah?”

Deeeee-nah! Our name originated when the group was first created as a part of Hillel, a Jewish organization. Dinah is a character in the Hebrew Bible who was a victim of rape. The story of Dinah was expanded upon by Anita Diamant in her novel The Red Tent.

Project Dinah is no longer associated with Hillel, or any religious or political organization

 Got more questions? E-mail us at projectdinah@gmail.com!