How Do I Use This Website?

Welcome to Project Dinah online! Whether you’re visiting for the first time, or you want to see what’s new this year, we’re glad you’re here. Depending on your needs, goals, and questions are, some parts of this website may interest you more than others. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of our online resources.

Are y’all the people with the free blue (teal?) shirts? We are! See said shirts pictured in our User’s Manual Intro and our Events Guide, and pick yours up during Alliance Against Violence (AAV) this coming Spring!

I’m interested in PD, but I don’t think I understand all the words and acronyms y’all use… Take a gander at the PD Dictionary. Is there something you’re still a little fuzzy about? Contact a PD Officer!

Your mission statement sounds cool, but I’m having trouble imagining what your events might be like… Check out the Events Guide for detailed descriptions and photos of our major events!

I’m in a WMST 101 course, and I need a required event! Seriously, it’s due next week. Help, please! Head on over to the: Events Update List (Remember to check with your professor or T.A. to make sure the event you’ve chosen counts toward your requirement. A lot of them do, though!)

Is this the HAVEN website? I need to register for HAVEN. We are not the HAVEN website, but we think HAVEN is awesome. We totally want you to get trained! While you’re at it, why don’t you check out some other great opportunities to get trained and/or get more involved in advocacy work: Get Involved.

I’m looking to get involved in a club that might have leadership opportunities. Is there room for me?  You betcha! A few offices are up for re-election every semester. To learn more about the offices and the people who currently fill them: Meet the Officers

I have a different question, and you still haven’t answered it! Never fear friend, perhaps we answered it in our FAQs. If not, as always, feel free to contact a PD Officer, check out our Facebook page, or send us a piece of electronic mail (e-mail for all you youngsters) at